We are Jumble! Devs, an independent game development team from Valencia, Spain.

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Here are links to the games we've released and information about the ones that we're developing right now.

Tower of Elements

Tower of Elements is a puzzle-platformer where you have to solve logic puzzles to get to the top of this misterious tower. Master the four elements and get to the top!

Currently, the game is under developed and will be released for PC, tablets and mobile phones! Check out the demo at the itch.io link below, updated weekly.

Get the demo below:

Spookie Boogie

Spookie Boogie is a game in which you help the ghost of Sir Clockengurch, who was a saxofon player, to kick some teens out of his Manor when they summon him from hell using a Ouija board. If you manage to scare the teens out of Sir Clockengurch home, you win.

Capture the Pixel

Capture the Pixel is an online CTF shooting game, developed for the 2016 LowRezJam. Currently it is being redeveloped as a full game with many new features. Stay tuned!

Bunny Jumper

A cute endless jumper game. Jump from platform to platform, collect as many coins as you can and avoid getting crushed!


Our objectives

We are a group of people from different backgrounds who joined to make work together on our passion: making videogames.
We want to create awesome games for people to play. All our games are free to play, since we think
that the more people can enjoy our creations, the better.

Multiplayer Games

We believe that the best games are the ones that can be played with our friends. That's we want to focus on social, multiplayer and online games.

We're Passionate

We started making games because videogame development is our passion. That's why we put all our soul in all of our creations to make the best we can.

Games for Everybody

We believe that mobile phones and browser games are the best way to reach our players. No need to have a special device, simple and easy!

The team

Our permanent team consists of five people, with others collaborating occasionally for some games..

César González

Programming lead and project management.

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Jose Hernández

Art lead, main artist and local cat.


Ximo Ventimilla

Game design, level planning and design and sound effects designer.


Aitor Cortés

Programming and graphics work. UI design and programming.


Adrian Peláez

Programming work and management.


Pablo Boscà (Bakh)

Collaborates as the music composer for all of our games.


Javier Moragón

Collaborates sometimes to lend a hand with programming and server administration.


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